Land of Dough Cups- Solids

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Land of Dough is a natural kid + earth minded company! They only use the finest most wholesome ingredients in their doughs and stay far away from these in every single batch they make:
Colors from plants? Yes! All of their colors in their products are 100% plant based derived from beets, beet root, spirlulina, beta carotene, red radish, purple grape, turmeric, & purple carrot.
Only organic essential oil is used, in addition to organic jojoba oil and an organic unrefined raw coconut oil.
7 oz. of dough per cup Easy to use Recyclable packaging For a longer lasting dough, close the lid and place in fridge or keep in a cool location. Once taken out of package after being in the fridge your dough will warm up and become malleable once more. Made in the USA - This Dough is not intended for children ages 3 and under and should be used only with supervision. -
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