Winter Water Factory Long-Sleeve Romper

Turtles Green
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The perfect one-piece outfit. Turtles having a shell of a time—swimming, strolling, sunning on a log! This classic long-sleeve romper has lap neck openings for quick and easy ons and offs, and 7 snaps along the inside of the legs on wide binding for withstanding wriggly babies and many, many trips through the washing machine.

Made in Brooklyn NYC, USA

100% Certified Organic Cotton

Our favorite Brooklyn-based company, Winter Water Factory specializes in screen printed organic cotton pieces for all ages. Their fun and fresh patterns are all designed and manufactured in the USA, from the organic cotton to the final product. Winter Water Factory’s high quality items are soft and durable, made to be loved and passed down from your little one to the next.

Do not hesitate to call or email us with any questions, the Tiny Hanger team is here to help.

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