Our Love for JellyCats

How it all began....our love for JellyCats

Who does love the world famous JellyCats?  The classic bunny, the favorite monkey & most recently their Bartholmew Bear in the cutest outfits.

Just like many of you we have a "my first Jellycat was a million years ago memory".  My husband remembers going to the hospital in New York to see my dad & my daughter, who was around 1 or 2 at the time, getting a Jellycat at the gift shop.  Not sure if it was her first but it is the first we have a core memory about.  It was the floppy cow- maybe called a merrily??? She loved it, she loved that she could the longs legs.  She dragged it everywhere behind her.

Then we opened the store in 2011 & it was a must have on our list of brands to carry.  I remember seeing the whole collection at one of our first buying shows in New York City & we knew we had to have them for the store.  The collection was way smaller, super cute & we got everything from the classics to the funny (nothing like the funny of today).  Everyone who came in loved them because they were cute, they spoke to your soul somehow.  People love getting them for gifts, for their own kids & yes, even back then there were adults buying them for themselves.

I remember early on one couple coming in & basically buying one of each.  It was understandable due to their cuteness but also shocking!  The husband used to come back with a list of ones his wife wanted.  It was so cute.  They had a little Yorkie that they would bring in tow & I always wonder where they are now!  If you know them send them a hello!

That was one of the first memories I have about people being obsessed with them.

Fast forward to a few years ago, we are all now that couple & all have that same obsession & after COVID things started to get busier.  We noticed tons of International Boston Universities & College students coming to find a favorite JellyCat.  Now everyone comes in for a Jellycat- kids buying them for their parents, besties buying them for each others, co-workers buying them for baby showers & everyone buying them for themselves! 

We work really hard to get you the best JellCats in the Boston area & are so excited to bring you the new Fall Collection! Whether it is the Amuseables with the smiles, the JellyCat food or the classics, we've got them all( well, almost all)!

Stay tuned for our SummerWeen JellyCat party!


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