Tun Tun

TUN TUN describes all the emotions between mother and infant. Their garments are made bearing in mind what children need by offering a minimal modern style that is versatile and timeless.

Their history begins in Lima, Perú, in 2014. It was inspired by the birth of Alejandro, Ursula Malca’s first son. Ursula Malca, the founder of the brand, wanted to create a line of clothing for babies that gather the qualities of joy, play and tenderness.

At TUN TUN, each design is unique, made for babies to enjoy. They use the finest materials including pima cotton, considered the best cotton worldwide. The smoothness and lustrous quality of this fiber provide children and babies the comfort they need at this early age.The vast majority of our woven pieces are handmade by skillful Peruvian artisans. They believe in creating opportunities that’s why we choose to work only with local manufacturers in Peru. As part of their commitment to our collaborators they make sure they provide a fair payment for their work.