American Widgeon

We create soft, safe, luxurious clothing for children to wear in vibrant colors, fun prints and adorable styles they love. We believe that all kids should sleep, play and learn in clothes that are so comfortable, they are free to dream big, climb high and snuggle close.

For more than 30 years, our family-run business has specialized in classic children’s pajamas and outerwear that are both cozy and safe. We choose fabrics that are durable, flame-resistant and never treated topically with chemicals. Our dreamy designs are made for small hands to fasten up and slip on easily, with cuffs and collars that are perfectly snug and won’t pinch or stretch out. We’re proud to make pajamas that are a perfect fit for kids with sensory challenges. Because we are also parents, we make sure that every one of our products is made to last and pass down, and has a high-quality fit made for real kids.